Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hotel California = Bullet in my head!

"Welcome to the Hotel California. Such a lovely place. Such a lovely face." And I shoot myself in the head. Last night Iverson wanted to play guitar hero. AWESOME! I love that game. So we played. Then it became not guitar hero, but Hotel California Hero because that's the ONLY song Iverson wanted to sing, or play. Eventually we got him interested in La Bamba... but that was a mistake as well. So then this morning, I'm cleaning the kitchen and all I hear is Iverson singing Hotel California OVER AND OVER AND OVER! Finally I couldn't take it anymore, and I told him that if he EVER wanted to come over to our house again, and that if he didn't want me to shoot the game or myself or him that he either better sing a different song, or he better turn it off.

Ahh... Peace and Quiet finally! Until we're sitting at breakfast, and when there's a break in conversation, Iverson sings at the top of his lungs (just to throughly annoy me) "WELCOME TO THE HOTEL CALIFORNIA!" Oh f0r the love of pete make it stop!

Other than the obnoxiousness of his annoying singing of the worst song ever right now, we had a pretty good time with Iverson spending the night. Him and Daniel went to Albertson's picked up some donuts, a red box movie and some snacks. Then they came home and made dinner, ate, and played Wii together. (So CUTE!)

Then it was time to watch the movie. Now when I sent them to Red Box it was in hopes that they would bring home an awesome movie. HA! When they got there the new Spongebob movie that they wanted wasn't available (Hallelujah!) So they decided to go with UP (now why this wasn't there first choice is beyond me... It would have been mine, come on!) But that too was unavailable. So they went with their third and "best" choice. Batman and Superman, Public Enemies. WHAT?! Sigh. So I got stuck watching this really LAME-O superhero movie. (Rolls eyes.) But it was okay, because the commentary from the couch aka Iverson, was priceless.

So far the day is going well. I love day's off! I finally got all of my Halloween decorations organized and in their new home. I got the kitchen cleaned up. (Really I cleaned the kitchen because I was going to make pumpkin pancakes for my family... I was going to have them over for breakfast, but that didn't happen.) I started cleaning my room/closet, talk about a project. I just have some homework to finish up today (reading for sociology and finish my paper), work on my project for Buckman, and run some errands. PLUS I get to spend a lot of the day hanging out my husband, so that makes it all the more better.

Today (and last night) I am thankful for... Iverson, because as annoying as he is sometimes, he still makes me happy.
Today (and last night) Daniel is thankful for... A wife who likes to have fun
Today (and last night) Iverson is thankful... Me and Daniel.

Monday, November 9, 2009

My how time flies!

SO, today is Monday ... Ahhh Mondays.

Over the weekend we didn't really do much. I worked, Daniel helped a family move, we ate pizza from Garlic Jim's, went to Target, did some homework, went to church and took naps. Since I am the new CTR 5 teacher in our ward I have the roster for my new class coming in in a month already. 7 kids! (YIKES!) It's going to be a challenge, but one that I greatly look forward too. I miss having that many kids, and I miss some of my old kids as well.

Last Wednesday I went on a Field trip, and I wore rain boots (thinking the weather was going to be like it was today, crappy) and totally ruined my feet. Way! to much walking in shoes that are not so good for your feet. Still can't seem to get my feet to function properly. And you would think that because I work at a shoe store (and have worked in shoes for 2 years now) that I would know better... obviously not.

Last night I made the most AMAZING apple dessert. Talk about delicious! I took some over to my mom's house, and when I got home Daniel had eaten half the pan. He was having a really hard time last night studying. (Apparently he had a hard time all weekend studying.) He had a midterm tonight, that he spent the majority of today studying for. I told him that if he wants to play soccer, and hang out with his friends he has to get his homework done first! (I feel like his mother, but sometimes his ADD just takes control.)

The last week or so Daniel has been able to show our house 2-3 times. Which is good. It means people are interested in renting, and that we may just get out of here when we planned. At the same time I'm still having a hard time, I like my house, and it will be weird to have other people living in it for a while. BUT with our current income, and all the effort we're putting into school we just don't have the means to stay in our house, unless we want to go bankrupt. (Sounds SO scary.)

...Now it has melded into Tuesday morning...

I had crazy freaky dreams last night about how some of my family members didn't like me anymore, and how my Aunt was moving away to to California (the Bay Area specifically in my dream.) Totally weird!

Today I have a long list of stuff to do (an I guess over the next couple days since I don't have work OR school till Friday) I need to clean the house a bit, especially my room, I have a lot of reading to do for my sociology class, errands and what not. Really part of me would just like to go back to bed, (since I got terrible sleep last night) but the other part of me feels like I need to take advantage of this gorgeous day!

Speaking of terrible sleep, Saturday night I was REALLY tired, but Daniel for some reason wasn't, so he stayed up playing video games in bed. Every night before going to bed we gather both animals and make sure that they are with us for the night. Especially my cat, because if she is left free to roam the house, she'll just eat all night. Now I'm not really a cat person, I really only like a few cats, my cat, Sami's cat, and my aunts other cat. That's all. Sugarplum (that's her name) is the greatest cat EVER! If I were a cat, and she were me, we'd be the same person, my mom always said that sugarplum is me in cat form. Too true. Sunday night as I was finally getting to sleep, according to Daniel Sugarplum decided it was time to play, and so she just kept walking all over me, and rolling all over me, and purring REALLY loudly (she has one of the loudest purr's) and meowing like every fifteen seconds, and apparently I would pet her and tell her to "shh" or something to that effect. I don't remember ANY of it. But Daniel said it was pretty funny. (He told me all of this Sunday morning when I woke up and informed him that I had had the worst night's sleep of my life, he was like Ya!)

So last night and today I am thankful for my cat, and for my husband. They make my life oh so much more entertaining.
Daniel is thankful for a day off tomorrow, and doing nothing! (Me too!)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I just thought that I would show some belated Halloween Party pictures up here. The first one is of my Spidercupcakes, the second is Daniel and I. (I was a rockstar, and Daniel was supposed to be Uncle Fester...) The last picture is of my ghost brownies. It was a pretty awesome party!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Almost the weekend...

So I went to Buckman today (for today is Thursday, and on Thursdays that is what I do...) I was able to help out a bit, get things ready for write night (Nov. 19) Really exciting, it's just like a giant writing workshop where the kids get to come with their parents and talk and read and write and earn some prizes. I get to dress up and volunteer (help run the room) in the Fairy Castle writing room. (YAY!) Can't wait, it's going to be awesome. Also I got to teach the piano class tonight because the original teacher was sick.

Daniel has lab class at 6 tonight, but promptly following the class I am making him take me out on a date! (woop woop) We haven't been out on a date in quite some time, both of us are so busy and exhausted at the end of the day, there just really isn't time to "go out."

Yesterday I got to go on a field trip with Mr. Wilkins and his third grade class to the Tualatin Wildlife Reserve. Very fun. I got to see lot's of birds, and nature, and walking tons, and all sorts of fun and interesting things. It was a very good day. Daniel was in school all day (and I was supposed to be... but chose not to go :) so later that night I took dinner to my bff Sami at the mall, she works at Bare Escentuals so she did some practice makeup on me. Doesn't sound that exciting but it was. Eventually Daniel came home, and we watched Gray's Anatomy. WHICH BY THE WAY, has gotten SO LAME! Not very happy with the show right now.

Today I am thankful for... My future career. Kids are awesome!
Today Daniel is thankful for... Thankful for his ADD medicine. Awesome.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful!

I have had a stupid Christmas song stuck in my head all day! Why?! It's not even THAT close to Christmas. Sigh.

I just spent the last 6 hours writing my 2nd paper for my lame-o writing class. This time my paper was a critical analysis of the painting The Potato Eaters by Vincent Van Gogh. Hopefully this one goes better than the last. I had all day to do this paper, and instead I slept in till 9:30.. ate breakfast, did some research for my paper till about 10:30 and then went back to sleep til 12:20 pm! (ridiculous). Afterwards I woke up, did some more research (for like 20 minutes, while I also perused around online) and then began making dinner... And boy was it delicious! We had some baked drumsticks, cheesey mashed potatoes, and bread. I discovered today also that I find peeling potatoes strangely satisfying and yet really obnoxious.

Today was Daniel's day at work... So that's what he did all day. When I finally sat down to do work on my paper at about 6 Daniel cleaned up the kitchen, played video games, did some homework, and played some more video games. whatever!

Today I am thankful for... My dog! because she is just SO cute and she makes me laugh.
Today Daniel is thankful for... A wife that makes a good dinner, and gets her homework done.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Monday monday... da da da da da da. So good to me. (What a joke. Monday's are terrible!)

Today was a really nice day outside. Nice and sunny, yet crisp and cold. My favorite kind of fall day. Daniel and I both had school today. I got my paper back from my writing class... and I got a LAME-O C! ugh. Not to happy. The paper was so stupid and difficult to do in the first place, with unclear instructions and direction. We were supposed to be critically analyzing a song, which is what I did. We were also able to use a secondary source to support our thesis, which is what I did by using the music video. When I got my paper back I was told that I should have focused more on the music video because the song was pretty self explanatory. WHAT?!

I decided to go over to my parents house to hang out with my family because Daniel has school till 9 Pm :( Sad! It's fun though, it's good to spend time with my family, especially my mom cause I hardly ever see her. So FUN!

So Daniel and I have been on this rockin guitar hero kick, where all we do in the everning is play guitar hero. Should we be doing our homework, well of course... but do we choose not too... sometimes.

Choxie lately has been pulling and eating things out of the garbage. Why you ask?? At first I thought it was for getting some attention (since Daniel and I both have school and work we haven't been home A LOT, and when we are Choxie really wants to play, but then we have homework and stuff... ) So I feel really bad for her, like ALL the time, really what we need to do is get her on an exercise schedule that works into our schedule... That way she gets some exercise, and some energy out. However... tonight at my mother's house she ate a brick of moldy cream cheese out of the garbage can! So far she hasn't thrown up yet, and she has been drinking a lot of water (which is good) poor thing. Tomorrow I will begin her exercise program. Haha.

Today I am thankful for ... Amazing weather. I love fall, and I especially love fall in Oregon.
Daniel is thankful for ... Dave Westhora because Daniel say's he is a good friend.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Been Awhile

WOW so I really need to get better at this! (sigh)

Okay so this week was amazingly busy!
Monday: I went to school. Came home ran some errands. Then my friend Jenne came over and helped me make spooky shapes out of melted white chocolate (like spider webs and pumpkins.) It was very tricky. Melting white chocolate is like a freakin art form. The first batch we did for too long, and it got SO hot that the chocolate kept melting our plastic bags and burning our fingers. The second batch we did was perfection. The spider webs and other shapes turned out pretty awesome.
Tuesday: I spent running errands, working on homework, and making the most delicious chocolate vegan cupcakes that I have EVER had! (YUM) With delicious vegan butter cream frosting. (YUM AGAIN!) That night we had the ward trunk or treat. (Thus the reason I made the cupcakes, and the chocolate spider webs to go on top of the the night before.) My parents decorated the car with Frankenstien on top and spiders and glowsticks and all sorts of awesome things. The little kids were cute (thankfully it didn't rain). Daniel spent the entire trunk or treat (post dinner) in the car listening to the blazer basketball game.
Wednesday: I skipped my first class to stay home and make pumpkin cookies. :) I had a music midterm later that day (that I got an amazing A on... big surprise.) I had to take Daniel his glasses at school whereupon I found out that instead of doing his homework the previous night, he had watched the game, and had a paper due for Chemistry. (tsk tsk) He got in a lot of trouble. Later that night I went and got my nails done, and finished shopping for my Halloween costume with my friend Sami.
Thursday: I spent the morning and early afternoon at Buckman elementary finishing up the lesson plans for the pirate class. It was grandparents day at the school (which I thought was really cool!) Diane and I (the lady who is in charge of the after school sun program) talked about me possibly teaching Dance this coming winter term. This coming Thursday we'll hash out what I really want to teach, while I begin typing up the Pirate class, and possibly starting work on the next class...
Friday: I went to school... And then I worked all night. When I got home I started work on the bathroom. Daniel and I got to bed around 1:30, 2 am. LONG day/night.
Saturday: HAPPY HALLOWEEN and party day. I went shopping with Jenne to finish getting supplies for our party later that night. At noon I went over to a co-workers house where I got the tattoo's for my Halloween costume. (AWESOME!) (My Halloween costume was a rockstar) Ran over to my mom's house to pick up a punch bowl, and back home to finish cleaning and decorating. Sara, Daniel's sister, had come over to help, and she basically decorated the whole house herself. Ah-mazing! I made ghostly brownies, and spider web cupcakes. The Stieneckerts, Kim and Leah Richman, Sara, Sami, the Jensen's, the Bemis', and the Gomez's all came to our awesome party where we ate A LOT of dessert, told scary stories, and made homemade scary movies. It was a really awesome night. We didn't get to be till around 2:30-3 am.
Sunday: I made delicious, tasty, and amazing pumpkin pancakes. I taught my wonderful primary kids! (They make me laugh). Tonight is Sara's family dinner for her birthday. I'm taking the left over desserts to my mom at work. And I'm working on some writing homework.

Now that it's November I'm going to try and find one thing I am thankful for/about in my day. (Or week ...) So today I am thankful for my primary class, and the amazing ability they have at putting me in such a happy upbeat mood. They're sooo smart and have such sweet little spirits. It's fun being their teacher.
Okay so I promise that the upcoming week I will be better at staying on top of our lives. We shouldn't be SOO busy for awhile now that midterms are over and that our Halloween party is in the past.