Monday, February 15, 2010

Way TOO long!

Oh my goodness I haven't written a post in so long its ridiculous!

Lets I'll play a quick catch up...

School ended and Daniel and I both did quite well, which was good news! Then in the middle of December Daniel and I moved into my parents house and rented out our house. It was a crazy couple of two weeks, but somehow we managed to move, get settled in, and have Christmas without going completely insane!
School started again in January, this year we weren't able to go to Hawaii with Daniel's family. School got off to a great start. Living with my parents has been great. My cousin got married at the beginning of the year, and Daniel and I were very lucky to be apart of it.
We're both really excited for what this year brings us. So far things are going great. (Until the Super bowl, and my freaking team lost... sigh... oh well GO COLTS!) Both of us are going to school full time, while working. Daniel is getting into tax season, so we'll see how that goes for him. I am currently working three jobs, DSW, teaching Dance at Buckman Elementary, and watching Iverson three days a week for my mother. (Who just got promoted to Co-manager at Bath and Body Works... YAY GO MOM!)

We don't really have big plans for this year, possibly a cruise in September, a trip to Mexico in June, and who knows, a couple trips to the beach. I am really looking forward to this summer since it'll be my first summer off of school in the last two years, and my last summer before my masters program. Very exciting! Daniel is planning on going to school this summer, so that should be kind of crazy, but at least he won't be in California ALL summer, so that's nice.

Yesterday we had a very wonderful Valentines day, Daniel surprised me with a FANTASTIC lunch from PF Changs, one of my most favorite restaurants, it was delicious. I have many other and exciting plans for the week, tomorrow is my birthday, and I am turning 23 (eek!) I also get to finally see my aunt, whom I haven't seen in FOREVER! I also get to have lunch with my grandmother, and a fun filled day with my mom. And dinner this week with some good friends, so it should be a pretty good week for us/me.

Okay I promise that I will get better at writing posts again. Since I have a little bit more free time, it should be much easier :)