Monday, August 30, 2010

Why Rain?

I woke up today... to RAIN! I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. Kind of I'm excited for fall, and kind of I wish summer wasn't over yet. We have had such lame-o weather this summer.

This last week was rockin! I got to go on many new adventures. :)
Wednesday my good friend Julia and I decided that we wanted to go on a nature/photo shoot. So we met at Washington Square at 11 am, where we picked a walk in Portland out of a fancy book that Julia's mom had given her of all these fancy Portland walks. We chose to walk this 3 mile loop up around Multnomah Village and Gabriel Park. We left Washington Square and started our walk around 11:15 or so... I'm not quite sure what the two of us were thinking, it was HOT! And we got horribly lost, and so what should have been a 3 mile walk, turned into more miles, and extra hours. Yes of course we had a map, but little good that did us. We ended up halfway down Capital Highway,
It turned out to just be really funny by the end, because we were exhausted! Julia claims we bonded over sweat, and I agree.
Late that night, I was able to participate in my first night canoeing experience with Katie and her friends. It was crazy fun. At first I was a bit skeptical, since I had never been night canoeing. But Daniel and I ended up having a lot of fun.
The rest of the week was spent studying for both Daniel and I, for our upcoming tests. Sigh. I swear I can't WAIT to be graduated!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Just when things can't get crazier... They do.

So last week was kind of a hectic busy week. It doesn't even seem like everything that happened last week, could have possibly happened within a 7 day span.

Daniel's birthday party was on Monday, and it was a rockin success. We had his birthday in the park, potluck salad style. We played crazy little kid party games, gave away goodie bags, and spent time in really good company. It was fun! I was glad that he was able to have fun, and hang out with his friends. Afterwards, we talked a lot about how we should do picnics in the park as friends a little more often. Sometimes we forget that we all live so close to each other, since we are all so busy with life.
Thursday night we were able to catch up, and go out to dinner with my Grandmother. Which was wonderful. We went to Red Robin, and had a wonderful time just talking and spending the evening with her. We haven't seen her in a long time, so it was good for us to catch up. We got to hear all about her adventures these past couple months, and I tell you, that woman has a lot going on. Which is good, it makes her happy, and it keeps her busy.
Daniel took his final for his Organic Chemistry class, he passed the class with an A-, and we were VERY excited about that! Now all he has left to do is study for the DAT and hopefully do well on that in September. I too received my final grades for this term, I got an A in my senior capstone class, and a B in my sociology class, so I was very excited.
The rest of last week I spent studying for my CBEST exam, which I took on Friday. I wasn't very nervous before taking the test (which kind of alarmed me) but I walked out passing my reading with a 59 (you need a 41 to pass) and hopefully passing my writing (I find out on Sept 14, they have to read and go over it first) and not passing my math. Which is pretty much what I expected. I got a 37, not great but not awful... The nice part is I can take just the math part again, so I am planning on doing that Sept. 24, the day after I take my ORELA. Why not get as many tests out of the way as I can?
Last night I started my newest job. (YIKES!) My mother is one of the managers at Bath and Body Works, and so she came to me this week and asked if I would like to be part of a new team that she was putting together, since I have nothing else to do with my life, I said why not. (LoL.) Basically I get to come in on the nights when they are switching product around, rolling out new product, and changing merchandise. I also get to help move props, and product up at offsite. It was a lot of fun, since I had worked there for a brief stint before Daniel and I got married, it was fun to be back, and everyone was excited to have me.
I'm not sure what many adventures this week will hold, hopefully it will be just as exciting. Who knows... Maybe it will be a quiet week... HA!

Friday, August 6, 2010

...Trying to be better!

Yikes... I'm apparently really bad at this. Lets see, it's Friday, and it is a GORGEOUS day outside in sunny Oregon. Currently I am just sitting here, killing time (really I should be studying for my CBEST)
What is new with us... Finals are next week, I finish my senior capstone class (VERY exciting) and Daniel finished Organic Chemistry. Daniel turns 25 in 3 days... Yes, he is getting old. :) I take my CBEST August 20 (Yikes!) which is my first major teacher test. And then Daniel has his DAT test the same day that I have my last teacher test, the ORELA, on September 22. Things are really starting to happen for us and it's kind of scary.
We have decided that when Daniel applies for Dental school he will also be applying for the Air Force. All it means is that for every year he spends in Dental school, we owe back to the Air Force for paying for his education. (So 4 years of Dental school, means 4 years in the Air Force.) The nice thing is, we will walk away from Dental School debt free... So I guess I can't really complain. We have looked at places to go for school... (Oregon, Washington, Arizona, California, New York, South Carolina, Ohio) and we have also looked at different locations to be stationed, and they're mostly in Europe. (Germany, Italy, England) It's crazy that in two years, I'll be a licensed teacher with my Masters, and we will be heading off to wherever Daniel gets in for school.
Living in my parents house has been a blessing, and it has been a lot of fun so far. It's nice to be so close to family. We are getting ready to celebrate our 3 year anniversary, in Sept. It's crazy that it has been 3 years so far.. And other than that... Everything is just about the same as always.