Monday, October 19, 2009

So I won't lie the weekend started off pretty crappy. About two weeks ago (Oct. 7th (Happy Birthday mom!)) I took my Iphone in to Apple because since July or so my phone hadn't been able to connect to WiFi, I didn't really think much of it (obviously since I went 3 months without fixing it) but eventually got around to taking it in to have it looked at. I thought that it would be a simple fix, but apparently that just goes to show how little I know. They handed me a brand new Iphone and sent me on my way. On Thursday (Oct. 15th) we had some issues with AT&T (ugh!) and they somehow managed to to mess up my 3G network (meaning it disappeared). So Friday (Oct. 16th) I was able to get that fixed (while at work, and on my break... Oops:) AND THEN... it started acting CRAZY! So crazy that on the way home from work (which was a really long night, I got there at 5 and was scheduled till 9:30 but we didn't get out of there till like 10ish... the store was a disaster! and people make me crazy!) I almost through the darn thing out the window. It was freezing, it wouldn't let me slide to unlock the dumb thing, and then it turned itself off, and started restarting, it was insane. This continued all weekend long. The obnoxious thing about Apple is to get anything fixed, you have to call and make an appointment (which I understand, I guess, they want to be able to give you quality customer service or whatever..) So I wasn't able to get an appointment until today at 4:15, where they had to give me ANOTHER phone. (sigh) Hopefully this will be my last Iphone for a while.
Saturday started off good, I was able to go and get my hair cut, and then to run some errands for my mom since she was unable to (she worked from like 11-8 or something crazy. I also got to spend time with the Richman family (Scott, Kim, and Leah) which was fun, Daniel and I haven't seen them in a LONG time. We used to go over to there house at least once a week... and then school started. Sami, Daniel and I went out to dinner at Subway, and then later that evening Sami, Kim and I drove around for half an hour trying to find the Albertson's redbox that had our movie reserved. We watched The Proposal. (Really cute movie, Ryan Reynolds is hilarious, and the great Sandra Bullock was great as always. We didn't get home till around 1:30 or so.
Sunday was a pretty good day. I'm the CTR 5 primary teacher, and I LOVE IT! The highlight of my day was being able to see family which I hadn't seen in a long time. My Uncle Craig (or cookie cake, which is what I called him as a kid... silly) my Aunt Susie, and they're adorable daughter came up to surprise visit (just for the weekend) my Grandma. (Those of you who don't know, my grandma has been in and out of the hospital quite often these last two months... with a case of dizzy spells, Doctors still aren't quite sure what's going on) It was REALLY good to see them. I honestly think that the last time I was able to see them was my wedding, so two years ago. (They actually came up for New Years Eve 2007, but Daniel and I were in Disneyland). We ate awesome Chinese food, and just talked and played games. I really love being able to spend time with family, especially family you haven't seen in awhile. It's so crazy though, my cousin Catalina looks a lot like my cousin Amber... Who I was also able to see last night. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see either of my Aunts who live here, as one is very sick... and I'm not sure what Aunt Melanie was doing...? I'm really hoping that Daniel and I will be able to go down to California and be able to visit the Good's sometime in the near future, as it was soo good to see them, and it has clearly been to long!
Today I Daniel and I had our first midterm tests, K=Sociology, D=Chemistry. Daniel has two more this week, one in Biology and another in Economics. I on the other hand only have one, a paper due on Friday, and a music midterm next Wednesday, which will be SO easy it's ridiculous. For my master's program I have to take some required classes, and one of them is Fundamentals of Music, and it's basically a joke. (To me, not to brag but I am quite musically inclined.) I'm going to talk to the Professor during my midterm (part of it is one on one kind of stuff) and see if there is any way that I can test out of the class, and maybe stay on as a teacher's aid or something...
Well... That's basically the update for the weekend. :) Tootles.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sigh... So today was my first day at Buckman, and boy was it kind of crazy. First of all the school is HUGE! With over 100 classrooms! I spent the better part of the day going through the pirate class and organizing the material and getting it ready so that next Thursday I can type it all up and put it in the correct format. There was tons of stuff to go through, so it was kind of nice that it was all time consuming. I am still very excited about this opportunity, and I did enjoy going through all the stuff, even though it was disorganized and crazy. It was kind of weird being an in elementary school and not helping out with the kids, but I was able to do that during the after school program where I helped in the K-2 spanish class. Little kids are very cute!
Now I'm trying to finish up my paper. I still am struggling with the concept of this paper. I also spent the evening at my parents house helping Jamison write a paper, and hanging out with my mom and family. AWESOME times.
My grandma is being released from the hospital tomorrow (again). Apparently she just has vertigo... I dunno we shall see. Hopefully all goes better this time around.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dinner, and Powells

Tonight Daniel and I went to Panera Bread to meet my good friend Jamie. It was delicious and fun. Now we're at home trying to delay the homework process. Which I have done successfully by cleaning my desk off, and then sitting down to blog. Oh how I hate homework. Currently I am working on writing a critical piece on a song. Difficult? YES! How do you critically analyze and find something worthy of argument in a song, without debating whether or not the song is musically awesome or not?!
I got to spend an AWESOME day volunteering at Greenway today. I love being there, and even though I could be at home cleaning, or doing homework, there is no place that I would rather be than with all those kids. It made me feel really good too when I realized that I now know most of the kids in 2nd grade, a handful of kids in 4th, and that I'm getting to know this new 3rd grade class, because then you have all these kids that know you, and all the hugs and waves. Wonderful.
Today was a beautifully dreary Oregon fall day. ... Alright more later.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The beginning

OOOK! So the reason that I decided to start this blog is because Daniel and I are so busy, and we don't have a lot of time to keep people updated on our lives... And so I thought that this would be a great way to keep people informed and in the loop about what is going on with Daniel and I. Now you'll have to forgive me because as a first time blogger it may take me awhile to really get into the swing/habit of writing... But I promise that I will try and be good about staying on top of things.
Currently Daniel and I are doing well. We have decided to stay in the Griffith Park Ward, due to the fact that Daniel now has a calling. I am currently helping out in primary still (and I secretly hope to stay there...) We are both in school, and attending Portland State University. Daniel is going pre-dental, with a lot of science classes and a crazy schedule, I on the other hand am getting ready to apply to the masters program for elementary education, and am very excited to see the end in sight. I have also been offered a really amazing opportunity, I will be planning curriculum and lessons for the after school sun program at Buckman Elementary in Portland. I am VERY excited! Plus the lesson that I plan I will be able to teach during the winter term, and get paid for it! It will be a lot of fun, and look really good on my resume, and it's a nice boost to be ahead of some.
As of right now Daniel and I are living in our own home (I know... it's totally unheard of and kind of ridiculous) however we are getting ready to move in with my parents to start saving a little money, as we are both college students and have very little.
So all in all everything is going well, we are both very happy, and very much in love, and ready for all the new chapters and excitement headed our way.